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Master in Public Health

This Course is Open to All Who Are:

1.    Graduates of approved medical schools.

2.    Graduates of a Bachelor’s degree in any approved professional field, such as: Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Education, Nutrition, Medical Technology, Sanitary Engineering and other relevant courses.

Applicants for admission must submit the following documents or requirements:

1.    Financial Declaration
2.    Health Declaration (Covid-19 vaccination certificate)
3.    Proof of Phil Health contribution
4.    Certified true copy of transcript of records
5.    PRC ID (photocopy)
6.    Certified true copy of diploma
7.    Two (2) recent photographs, size 2” X 2”, and two (2) 1”x1” colored.
8.    PSA copy of Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate.
9.    For government-supported employees:• Training agreement with their respective office financing their study.
10.    Endorsement from Local Executive or Regional Health Director or Head of Office.
11.    Fill up Student's Profile Form

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