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Historical Background

The Institute of Community and Family Health, Inc.

The Institute of Community and Family Health, Inc. (ICFHI) started as a social arm of the Children’s Medical Center Philippines, Inc. in 1973 and became an independent foundation in September 2, 1993 when it was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  In 1994, it was registered as a Graduate School with the Commission on Higher Education.

The establishment of the Institute in effect is an implementation of the idea of Dr. Fe del Mundo of further contributing to the delivery of community-based/primary health care-oriented services, and the appropriate training of relevant health manpower.​

The ICFHI is governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by an Executive Director/Dean.  The first Board of Trustees who were also the incorporators was composed of Dr. Fe del Mundo as Chairperson, and the following as members:  Dr. Trinidad A. Gomez, Dr. Luz Corpus, Dr. Lucrecia Castillo, Dr. Regina Cailao, Dr. Amparo Banzon Atty. BenignoVivar, Jr., Dr. Elizabeth Porras and Mr. Jose Abordo.

The Board of Trustees as of May 2004 was  composed of the following: Dr. Fe del Mundo as Honorary Chairperson, Dr. Antonio N. Acosta as Chairperson, Dr. Luz P. Corpus as Vice-Chairperson and the following as members: Dr. Benito F. Arca, Dr. Regina C. Cailao, Dr. Cristina F. Mencias, Dr. Teresa Nano, Dr. Ester L. Vilar, Mr. Felipe L. Fondevilla, Ms. Virginia S. Orais, Dr. Elizabeth D. Porras, Secretary Treasurer and Dr. Remigio D. Mercado (Executive Director and Dean).​

Soon after its incorporation ICFHI submitted to the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) two (2) proposals for financial support:  (1) to offer a Master in Public Health Degree to DOH and Local Government Units (LGU) health personnel; and, (2) to conduct a community-based health development projects in three hundred (300) underserved and hard to reach barangays.  Both of these projects were approved by the current DOH dispensation.  Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs), one for each of the project, was signed in early 1994 between the ICFHI, represented by Dr. Amparo Banzon, and the DOH, represented by Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan, then Undersecretary of Health.  The MOA for the Community-Managed Health Development Project consisting of training on primary health care of health personnel and financial support through provision of seed funds to approved health-income generating project, was for one year (June 1994-July 1995) and the MOA for the Master in Public Health for health personnel was a 5-year staggered program starting from School Year (SY) 1994-1995 to SY 1998-1999.
The first MOA of the 5-year contract with the DOH for the course on Master of Public Health was made possible during the opening in June 6, 1994 of the first class of nineteen (19) students in the ICFHI facility at the 4th floor of the Philippine Center for Population and Community Development (PCPCD) building in Quezon City.  This was followed by yearly intake from that time on up to the present.  The enrollees came from both national and local government health services and from the private and non-governmental health sector. 

In 1998, the Institute started its staggered program holding classes only on Saturdays for four semesters and two summers to accommodate those who wish to study but could not afford to be absent from work.

The officers and staff of the administration is shown in page 5.  It is noted that the first Dean was Dr. Amparo Banzon (1994-1995), and the second was Dr. Trinidad A. Gomez (1995-2001), ably assisted by Mrs. Leonor J. Zamora (1995 to 1999).  The latter served as Dean for a year followed by Dr.  Remigio D. Mercado who was Chief Executive Officer and Dean from year 2002 up to 2011.

Dr. Elizabeth D. Porras became the Executive Director and the 5th Dean of the Graduate School of Public Health from 2011 up to January 14, 2022.  Dr. Elsie Lynn Baronia-Locson was appointed the Executive Director and the 6th Dean of the Graduate School from January 15, 2022 to present.

Our Mission

The ICFHI was established in order to support national and local efforts at improving the health care delivery system to uplift the health status of the Filipino people, particularly those who are most in need --- the urban and rural poor and ethnic minorities.  One way by which it can contribute is to train potential leaders, inculcating in them the needed human values, in tandem with the development of their technical and managerial competence.​

To achieve the above, the curricula of the different courses are periodically evaluated for their relevance and applicability.  It is intended to have a balance of theoretical and practical teachings. Students are continuously challenged with learning situations from actual happenings.  For this reason, the teaching force is made up of experienced regular staff who serve as heads/coordinators of clusters, and visiting lecturers made up of leading academicians and practitioners from non-governmental and governmental agencies.

Our Vision

The ICFHI sees itself as being an integral part of the health care delivery system of the country in a supporting role, in the field of training, research, consultancy, and policy analysis and formulation.  In these roles, the governance, the faculty and the lecturers of the Institute are guided by the following core values: pro-God, pro-country, pro-human being, pro-poor, and pro-environment.  Attention is called to the need to carefully weigh the possible conflict in enhancing the accessibility to good quality public health and hospital services with the desire to achieve a high level of efficiency in the operation.

The ICFHI believes that an individual both in his own capacity and as a member of society has the right to make decisions relative to activities for his health development.  It believes as well that health human resource is one of the most important assets of any health organization.  For this reason, the Institute is channeling much of its efforts to offer a comprehensive and integrated human resource development program that is people-oriented, community based, and receptive to innovative approaches which respond to the needs for better health and related services. 

Board of Trustees

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Looking for a graduate school that embodies excellence and passion for healthcare improvement? Look no further than the Institute of Community and Family Health, Inc. Our team is dedicated to producing highly trained health professionals who can provide top-notch care to the community. 

Manuel Po - Chairperson.png

Chairperson of the Board


Renato Menrige - VCP.jpg

Vice-Chairperson of the Board


Elsie Locson - Dean.png

Executive Director and Dean


Maria Cartrillo.jpg



Emma Aguado.jpg

Board Member


Admission and Fees

We welcome applications from individuals who are passionate about improving public health and have the academic and professional qualifications to succeed in our program. Tuition and fees vary based on enrollment status. Please visit our website for detailed information on admissions requirements and costs.

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